Fire Life

Did You Make an Escape Map?

Hi, boys and girls!


Welcome to Molly’s Kids Zone!


My name is Molly, and I am a real fire dog.


I have been teaching fire safety since I was 9 weeks old and on July 2 I will be 5 years old! How time flies!





Meet my friend, Lane.


Lane and his family sat down to make their home escape map.


Not only did his family make a home escape map for fire, they included what to do in case of a tornado.


High Paw, Lane, and thanks to your grown-ups for sharing your pawsome picture!





Does your family have an outside meeting place?


My meeting place is the mailbox!



Sit down with your family and decide where your meeting place will be while you are working on your escape map.


Here are some tips when planning where your meeting place will be!


1. Make sure your meeting place is close to your home where firefighters can see you but far enough away that you will not be in danger from fire. Firefighters need to be able to see you so they will know you and your family are safe and out of the house.


2. Pick a place everyone can remember and find easily. A tree, fence, or mailbox makes a great meeting place!


See if you can find where my meeting place is on my escape map!


Stay safe, and remember to practice fire safety every day!


Molly the Fire Safety Dog


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