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Making the Most of Your Post Incident Analysis

Issue 8 and Volume 170.

By Bruce D. Angier The post incident analysis (PIA) has been around for decades and is a common practice for most fire service agencies. The idea is to get the participants of a significant or major incident into a room to discuss what happened, what went well, and what can be improved on. Facilitated by the incident commander (IC), a PIA should be a positive experience for all with a focus on organizational and operational improvement culminating in an after-action report (AAR). However, organizing and conducting a PIA can also cause anxiety for the IC and others involved, especially if the incident did not go well. The key to a successful PIA is to have a plan, set the ground rules, and promote a spirit of cooperation at the onset of the meeting. Attendees Ideally, everyone who responded to the incident should attend the PIA. This includes outside agencies, dispatchers,…

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