Firefighting, Leadership

When should the company officer ride backward?

Issue 9 and Volume 170.

When should the company officer ride backward? From time to time when staffing permits, I like to take the chance and allow each of the firefighters I work with to ride up to the next position while I take a seat facing backward. Oftentimes, this takes place when I am off the rig or assigned to another unit. Why would I take the time to do this on a normal day when I am also on the truck? It is quite simple. There is no better way to effectively evaluate how the crew handles things that come about. This is not an opportunity for me to belittle or degrade the abilities of the people I work with. It gives them a chance to make decisions and have a crutch to lean on if they aren’t quite sure of how to proceed. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but…

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