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Raise, Rotate, Extend

Issue 9 and Volume 170.

By Michael N. Ciampo When we hear this sequence of words – raise, rotate, and extend – we think back on our initial training in aerial operations for the movement of the aerial or tower ladder. Most of us were taught that we do each movement in succession with slow, steady, and deliberate movements as we gingerly operate the control handles. It was very easy to grasp out on the training ground, where we first learned to operate the machinery; but when we added some obstructions like tree branches, street lights, and wires, operating became more difficult and dangerous. Add to that pulling up to a fire with people trapped at the windows, and things become a little more hectic for the operator. So, let’s look at our sequence and see if we can raise our level of expertise in operator actions. Pedestal and bucket controls. Right now, if you…

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