Reyco Granning Rleases The Airmaster

Mt. Vernon, MO – Reyco Granning introduces the AirMaster, the latest suspension air control system for suspensions in Medium Duty markets. It incorporates an electronic height control system and was designed to improve the durability and reduce the installation complexity for Reyco’s R Series suspensions for Ford, Dodge and GM trucks. In addition, the AirMaster can be used as a compact, stand-alone suspension air control system for vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes and no onboard air compressor.

According to Drake Sarault, Director of Powered Vehicles, the AirMaster will be the standard air control system to accompany any new R Series suspensions purchased. “This product is more robust than our previous offerings and will result in maintenance cost savings and reduced downtime for our customers.”

“Two big challenges our customers experienced with our legacy mechanical systems were short compressor life cycles and complicated systems to install and maintain,” said Sarah Rogers, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience. “Significant changes have been made in the new system to reduce product complexity and packaging.”

Key upgrades include:

  • Pre-assembled, modularized system
  • Fewer air connections resulting in reduced air leaks and increased compressor life
  • Pre-plumbed, integrated air dryer to reduce air line freezing
  • CPU control module for improved ride control and efficient air compressor management

“The release of the AirMaster also provides Reyco Granning the opportunity to reach a market we had until now left untapped. We now offer a solution for vehicles that utilize hydraulic brakes and have no onboard air compressor,” said Sarault.

More information about Reyco Granning and the AirMaster can be found at:  www.reycogranning.com.


Reyco Granning designs and manufactures air, steel spring, and auxiliary suspensions used by truck, trailer and specialty vehicle OEMs. Reyco Granning is a suspension manufacturer with close to 90 years of proven product quality, durability, and reliability.