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Essentials of a High-Performing Engine Company

Issue 10 and Volume 170.

By Richard Ray The engine company is the backbone of the fire service. The challenges an engine company faces today are more dynamic and difficult than ever before. There is more to engine company success than just fire suppression. Engine company firefighters must be willing to prepare, train, and perform on the fireground at a much higher level to ensure life safety and property conservation. They must execute their skills most efficiently to win on the fireground, which necessitates the perseverance of the department and its members. This article covers the essential elements of high-performing engine companies. The Mission It is vital that engine company members understand the mission, which guides them in their purpose and job on the fireground. The mission is simple: Work to create a safer environment within the structure and stop the progress of the fire by overwhelming it with water. The civilian is the company’s…

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