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Making the Front Bumper Preconnect Work for You

Issue 10 and Volume 170.

By Thomas Bradley There are many ways to pack and deploy the front bumper preconnect handline on your apparatus. Here is a versatile, easy-to-pack, and easy-to-stretch system based on a tried and true method. (1) View of the line packed in the hose well of the front bumper. (Photos by author.) Many apparatus are being ordered and delivered these days without a red rubber “booster” line mounted on a hose reel. Most departments use a short (50- or 75-foot) “trash” line stored in their front bumper to handle mulch, trash, and other “nuisance” fires. Anything over this distance usually necessitates pulling the full 150- or 200-foot preconnect. This line is also often used for vehicle fires, which presents some problems. It puts the apparatus much too close to the involved vehicle. Many times, apparatus are positioned downhill or downwind of the fire to make the short line reach because “that’s…

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