Firefighting, Leadership


Issue 10 and Volume 170.

By Michael N. Ciampo Writing this 100th column, I realize I’ll never remember every incident I responded to, the experience gained and lessons learned from each run. I’ve had other firefighters say to me, “Remember that job?” and once they start the story, the memories came back to me. Over the years, my passion has been to connect with the fire service through sharing stories and presenting tips on tactics and street-smart experiences. My goal has been to allow you to learn, recall, or pass on the knowledge. Looking back over the past 100, a few stand out. First Column: “Who Had the Nozzle?” Funny, a guy who spent seven years as a volunteer and the past 32 years as a career firefighter with two years in an engine is talking about engine work. That column’s goal was to remind everyone in the company that without everyone’s dedication to performing…

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