Firefighter Training, Firefighting

Highs and Lows

Issue 11 and Volume 170.

On Fire ❘ by Michael N. Ciampo Some days are good, some are bad, some are better than others; some days are hectic and filled with call after call of nonstop action. Some also can be plain boring and filled with tedious administrative duties; but, as soon as the tones strike, whistle blows, or bells ring, we’ll never know the extent of the call we are responding to until we arrive. While responding, we often get updates or additional information, which helps us begin our mental size-up; when we arrive, it’s either spot on or totally incorrect. Additionally, the people we’ll have to deal with will be different ages, ethnicities, and genders who deal with panic, trauma, emergencies, or fires in many ways. As our night tour progressed, we encountered an irate male who was trapped in a stalled elevator. We could see him and communicate with him through the small window on the…

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