Apparatus Deliveries

Issue 11 and Volume 170.

apparatus deliveries ❘ by john M. malecky   The Hoover (AL) Fire Department designed this KME pumper for general firefighting and emergency medical services response with emphasis on advanced life support (ALS). Operations Chief Rick Patterson says that all of the department’s engines are ALS equipped. Features/Equipment: Predator Panther chassis with a 211-inch wheelbase and a 10-inch raised-roof cab with four seats and an EMS cabinet between the side doors; CUMMINS ISL 9 450-hp diesel engine with an ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission; UPF 500-gallon water and 50-gallon foam tanks; slide-out oil absorbent bin; WATEROUS CS-C20 single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with an ELKHART 240 95-gpm foam system, a 1¾-inch front bumper line, two 1¾-inch speedlays, two 2½-inch rear preconnects (one with three-inch hose attached to an AKRON Mercury quick attack monitor), and an ELKHART Stinger monitor with a TFT Extenda Gun mounted midship; HANSEN roll-up compartment doors and eight wheel well…

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