Survival Zone

Improvised 2-to-1 Hauling System for a Down Firefighter Removal

Issue 12 and Volume 170.

BY TOM SITZ   The traditional 2-to-1 hauling system for moving a heavy object along a horizontal plane has been around a long time. It has also been a rapid intervention crew (RIC) tool for a while. I first learned it about 20 years ago in RIC training. The traditional method of deploying the 2-to-1 to assist in removal used two RIC teams, one inside and one outside (the haul team). In the traditional setting, the anchor point and haul team occupy the same general space outside the building. Usually, the haul team stands next to the anchor point. Photos by author. Using this method has a couple of drawbacks that are easy to overcome when using the improvised method. Using the traditional method, you need an outside team, which means extra personnel. In a staff-rich environment, it is not an issue. However, when you must prioritize critical tasks because…

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