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The BlastMask

Issue 12 and Volume 170.

technology today ❘ By JUSTIN C. DICKSTEIN   The Garland (TX) Fire Department’s Station 2 has earned the nickname “Protectors of the Powder Keg” because we cover most of Garland’s large industrial and manufacturing base. To live up to that nickname, we must be prepared for anything and constantly train to be effective. We take pride not only in being able to cover disaster scenarios but also in being aggressive interior firefighters. This led us to train regularly in our self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) on air at Station 2. And, even in our comparatively large metro department, which has several cascade systems, we were told that we were using too many cylinders and refilling them was taking too long. Our desire to train drove us to create a solution—a training regulator we call the Breathing Limited Air Situational Training Mask (BlastMask®). The BlastMask is a training regulator engineered to simulate…

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