Firefighter Training

Operational Tactics and Tips

Issue 12 and Volume 170.

On Fire ❘ by Michael N. Ciampo It’s that time of year again—the giving season! Let’s review some firefighting tips and tactics that can help you when operating on the fireground. Flush the hydrant. When opening up the hydrant and before connecting your appliances to its ears (the more you hook up to, the more you get water from), flush the hydrant of any debris, rust, dirt, or other objects so you don’t clog the screen on the pump’s intake. Try not to put your hand in the hydrant to remove the objects—objects might be sharp and could cause an injury. Slowly turn the operating spindle open, let the water flow slowly, and remove the debris. Difficult coupling. If you encounter a difficult coupling to uncouple after a job and someone went to retrieve a spanner wrench, while you are waiting, place the hose and the male coupling on the…

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