Fire Dynamics

UL FSRI Releases Part II of the Fire Attack Study: Air Entrainment


UL FSRI is pleased to release the scientific report and on-line training program from Part II of the 2013 DHS FEMA Grant, Impact of Fire Attack Utilizing Interior and Exterior Streams on Occupant Survival: Air Entrainment.

This report and associated online training detail the results and analysis from the air entrainment testing. These tests were conducted without the presence of fire, to gain a fundamental understanding of how hose streams entrain air. Each set of experiments was intended to add to the understanding of air entrainment and pressure from fire service hose streams by evaluating the differences caused by various application methods, hose stream types, nozzle movements, pressures/flow rates, manufacturers, and ventilation configurations.

Part I of this project looked at Water Mapping and Part III of this project looked at Full Scale Fire testing.

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