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Fire Blog Roundup: Search, Bravery, and Managers vs. Leaders

Leigh Shapiro of Hartford (CT) Fire joins our regular lineup of contributors in this installment, touching on the difference between leading and managing in the fire service. Read this post along with a number of others you can find below.

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Leigh Shapiro

Manager or Leader?

Company officers, are you leaders or managers? Leigh H. Shapiro offers some insights on the distinction.


A.J. Hansen

The Brotherhood’s Not Dead

Adam Hansen relates a story of how firefighters came through for him and his father in their time of need.

Searching for Something

“Why should I have to convince firefighters to do a search?” William Brandon Lewis offers a commentary on search culture and putting citizens first.

Mark Lamplugh

The Prevalence of Suicide in the Fire Service

Our heroes are still our heroes, even when their behavior changes due to the effects of trauma, writes Mark Lamplugh.

Nick Halmasy

Challenging the Paradigm

By the time the term “PTSD” is on the table, much of the damage is done, writes Nick Halmasy. He addresses proactive steps we can take to promote firefighter well-being.  

John Lovato Jr.


Schoolyard Bully

John Lovato Jr. talks about cultivating the daily habits and discipline you need to get you closer to your goals.

Inciting Bravery

Mark Cotter offers his thoughts on taking risks in the fire service.

Tommy Goran

Pass On Your Knowledge

Tommy Goran offers a method for teaching new skills.


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