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Making the Obstructed Stretch

Issue 3 and Volume 171.

  By JASON RIVERA   There is no more important task on the fireground than getting the nozzle to the seat of the fire as quickly and as efficiently as possible. But, how do we do this quickly and efficiently when the area we are trying to traverse is blocked by cars and trees and we must enter a house loaded with furniture, personal belongings, and various other “stuff” with limited staffing? I am not referring to this hypothetical house being like a “Collyer’s Mansion” (i.e., hoarding situation); I mean a house in “Everytown, USA.” Whether you’re in the suburbs or the city, a single-family dwelling or an apartment building, there will be obstructions to the stretch. This doesn’t change the fact that we need to get the handline in place immediately, if not sooner. The Initial Stretch The hoseline stretch begins in the street, which involves apparatus placement. First…

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