Fire Dynamics, Structural Firefighting

Limiting Fire Damage Through Coordinated Ventilation

Issue 3 and Volume 171.

  BY MICHAEL REICK   The mission of fire departments around the world is saving lives, preventing injuries, and reducing property and environmental damage. On some calls, the priority tactical decision is, Which do we do first, rescue or extinguishment? If there is no life hazard, how should we protect the property and building areas that are still worth saving and that we can save? Sometimes, firefighters think that they have saved a building, but after the fire, during renovation, it is concluded that it has to be bulldozed anyway. Sometimes, fire crews think that they did a great job extinguishing a fire, but because they had opened doors during the firefight, they allowed smoke to travel to uninvolved areas and increase the damage tremendously. Over the past 20 years, the German fire service has become more aware that its task is not only to extinguish a fire as soon…

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