Fireground Safety, Hazmat, Tech Zone

Tactical Procedures for Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies

Issue 3 and Volume 171.

  Jerry Knapp   The following scenario will demonstrate how important it is to include gas industry best practices (strategies and tactics) into your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and department training plan. Scenario Your company is dispatched to an odor of natural gas in front of 3 Main Street at 1023 hours. Leaving the kitchen table, the engine crew grumbles about another annoying gas leak call. When you arrive on scene, there is nothing unusual, but the homeowner meets you and says she had been smelling gas near the curb in the suburban residential neighborhood for the past three hours. Your probie dismounts the engine with you and reports that the four-gas air monitor is warmed up and ready. You and your crew search, looking for the source and trying to pinpoint the leak for approximately 20 minutes before the utility’s gas technician arrives. You have evacuated the home nearest…

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