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Fidget Spinners: A New Type of Ring Removal

Issue 3 and Volume 171.

By PHIL HIGGINS and MARK GREGORY   A new toy—the fidget spinner (photo 1)—has created a craze now popular among people of all ages. It was designed to relieve nervous energy and calm people down. It has been used with much success among those being treated for attention deficit and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism. The device has become so popular that it has been banned by some schools for distracting students from their studies while in class. Since its popularity increased in April 2017, the fidget spinner has been the cause of multiple 911-related responses for persons with their finger stuck in the toy. As first responders, we must have a plan to deal with removing a victim from these types of devices. This article discusses the necessary steps to safely disentangle a victim. The Fidget Spinner Design The fidget spinner is composed of a two- or three-pronged clover design made…

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