Avoid Leading Under the Influence of Emotions

Issue 4 and Volume 171.

By Benjamin Martin and Stephen Marsar Lieutenant Benjamin Martin knew he was angry. He could feel himself becoming more and more frustrated as one of his teammates continued to talk. Martin remembers thinking to himself at one point in the conversation: “I’m not sure of what is upsetting me more, the words he chose to justify his disdain of training more than once a cycle or his pessimistic view of the organization. This firefighter is always ready with a conspiracy theory about the secret agenda behind each leadership decision. Although never shy to second-guess someone else’s judgment, lately he has become more openly disrespectful to his leaders and team. If it isn’t the words he is using, perhaps it is the way he is staring at me, as if he were daring me to call him out on his ego, a result of his previous leadership’s inability to have hard…

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