Firefighter Training, High Angle & Confined Spaces, Simulations, Technical Rescue

Training Indoors 365 Days a Year

Issue 4 and Volume 171.

Training Notebook ❘ By RONALD E. KANTERMAN Late in 2015, the Wilton (CT) Fire Department was deciding on how to enhance its in-house training capabilities. Our Health and Safety Committee looked around the house and found that nothing safety-wise was needed. At the same time, we were finalizing which type of bailout system (rope-and-hook combination) we would use. The system selected was tested in numerous ways by the Bail Out Committee and then examined by the Health and Safety Committee. All agreed that one system was the best suited for our department, and it was time to purchase it, train on it, and move forward. (1) My first drawing of the training prop. (Photos by author.) For one week, we rented a mobile prop attached to a pull trailer that unfolded into a two-story building facade and placed it inside quarters. As our members got a feel for the new…

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