Technical Rescue

“Man Under”: Handling Victims Trapped Under Vehicles

Issue 4 and Volume 171.

the rescue company ❘ By Mark D. Gregory Responses to victims trapped under vehicles occur frequently across the United States. As first responders, we must be prepared to handle these situations by thinking outside the box for a multitude of ways in which to disentangle victims. This article will help you mentally prepare to handle these responses and will offer methods that have proven effective at previous incidents. (1) Photos by author. Mental Attitude Is Everything Throughout my years of instructing, I have asked students how they would handle “man under” situations. Their standard response is usually to deploy air bags. Although air bags are a good option, they have drawbacks. It takes time to put the air bag system together and space to set up the system, which can result in unnecessary delays in victim removal. This is the time to drill as if it is the real thing.…

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