Fireground Management, Fireground Safety

Fireground Communications: From Size-Up to Mayday

Issue 5 and Volume 171.

By Jaime Reyes Having reliable communications on the fireground is critical to the safety of all firefighters on scene. Dependable communications start when your shift starts. They begin with the daily check of your radio and progress throughout the shift. Each of us plays a role in the overall quality of our department’s communications, and constantly working to improve communications should be our top priority. Almost any drill, whether it is individual, company level, or multicompany, can and should include a communications component. How often are we pulling lines and throwing ladders? Why not start the drill by pulling up in the rig and giving a size-up over the radio? Continue the drill by communicating as you would on an actual scene. This is just a small way we can begin to improve the communications process. Like anything else we do, it involves muscle memory; so the more we do…

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