Firefighter Training

Always and Never

Issue 5 and Volume 171.

by Michael N. Ciampo Early in your career, you’re going to come across the words “always” and “never” in many training manuals and skill drills you perform. It’s drilled into your head so you can pass a test and become a “certified” firefighter. The big problem with “always” and “never” is that they’ve never been introduced to the rigors, conditions, situations, or problems that arise or we face on the fireground or emergency scene. Sure, they have their places in specific situations, but let’s look at a few situations in which we must bend or break the rules so we can perform our tasks to the best of our ability or to get the job done. Sound the Floor Rule: Prior to entering a window from a portable ladder, a firefighter should “always” sound the floor with a tool. Tactical Tip: If you climb up the ladder, then take the…

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