Company Officers, It’s All About You!

Issue 6 and Volume 171.

By Bruce Byrnes Spend a little time with a crew of firefighters, and you’ll get a pretty good feel for that company’s culture and values. In a well-run organization, the company’s culture and values are the same or very closely aligned with those of the department. However, all too often, that isn’t the case. Why is this? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. In fact, there are countless possibilities, and many are influenced by local conditions. For instance, perhaps the chief officers don’t have sufficient oversight of daily operations, maybe the competency of the chief officers isn’t what it should be, perhaps the process for distributing department policies is insufficient, or maybe the chief officers have a laissez-faire management style and simply don’t care. All these possibilities have two things in common: They tackle the question in a top-down manner and place the blame squarely on upper management.…

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