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The Basics of Enhancing Your Size-Up

Issue 6 and Volume 171.

By DANIEL STRATTON Size-up is an action firefighters use to gather information when they are engaged in structural firefighting. It is then continued throughout the entire incident to identify concerns that will dictate their actions. The acronym COAL WAS WEALTH serves as a mental tool to identify factors; each letter represents a factor that you may need to consider and include in an incident action plan (IAP). Construction. Occupancy. Area. Life hazard. Water. Auxiliary systems. Street conditions. Weather. Exposures. Apparatus and personnel. Location. Time. Hazards. This article discusses several ways to obtain size-up information. An operational size-up that begins on dispatch and continues through to the initial attack, overhaul, and the termination of the incident requires that the following resources be available to personnel to help them gather information. Tools and Equipment Onboard our rigs are tools and equipment that help us determine construction issues, the dynamics and by-products of…

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