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Biocell Makes EMS Transports Safer

Issue 6 and Volume 171.

By LEONARD H. GUERCIA JR. and BOB HOLDSWORTH Every day, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) professionals around the world respond to the medical needs of the sick and injured. An increasing number of patients being treated are infected with contagious diseases such as Ebola, the plague, and drug-resistant viruses. Federal worker safety regulations require that these emergency workers be protected from exposure to these and other diseases by limiting exposure to the patient’s blood and bodily fluids. In the daily delivery of fire and EMS transport services, field crews also face the potential of patients contaminated from contact with hazardous materials or exposure to industrial accidents. For decades, the industry standard has been to use plastic wrap and duct tape to protect the inside of ambulances. On average, getting the patient compartment of a unit completely covered and sealed with plastic sheeting and duct tape takes about two hours…

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