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Fire Blog Roundup: Winning and Losing, Trust, and CSST Gas Lines

Read a recent roundup of some of our featured commentary pieces, including new contributors Jim Wick, Matt Beakas, and Dustin Martinez.

Dustin Martinez

Our Reformation

“The citizen. The neighbor. The stranger. The family. These are whom we serve.” Read a commentary from Dustin Martinez. 

Scott Ferguson

The Art of Accountability

Leaders are often tasked with making tough decisions that may not always go over well with the troops. Scott Ferguson shares an anecdote from the life of Sun Tzu that addresses this issue.

CSST Gas Lines

Adam Hansen recounts a natural gas call his agency responded to where even the gas company representative was surprised to find what had materialized.

Jim Wick

What Do You Win When You Lose?

Jim Wick offers a serious of questions that can help firefighters conceptualize eventualities and how they might impact one’s integrity and reputation.

John K. Murphy

Cost Recovery for Fire Departments

…Heresy or reality? Read a new legal post from John K. Murphy.

Benjamin Martin

A Leader’s Nightmare

Benjamin Martin looks at ways leaders can choose to give trust to our teams in hopes of reaping it in return.    

Robert Medford

Leadership: Equipping Your Firefighters with Complete PPE

When it comes to protecting firefighters, good policies are as important as personal protective equipment, writes Robert Medford.


Nick Salameh

One Fire Service Family

Whether paid or volunteer, all firefighters are essential to the communities and customers they serve, writes Nick Salameh. 

Matt Beakas

Preparing Members for a Growth Mindset

Managing failure allows you to handle life’s successes. Matt Beakas writes about the value of mental toughness in firefighters.


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