Engine Company, Structural Firefighting

Fire Attack – From the Outside In

Issue 7 and Volume 171.

By P.J. NORWOOD At its core, the issue of getting water on the fire has not changed. The number one mission of fire attack is still getting water on the fire. What has changed, however, is that research has enabled us to evolve our tactics to meet the challenges of the fireground. This article examines tasks that support getting water on the fire quickly and efficiently. : “Water on the fire” has been the most basic fireground task going back to the earliest days of the fire service. Today, there are commercially manufactured products that enhance water delivery and effectiveness. We have also made significant improvements in our water delivery systems. The fire service continues to evolve and embrace these advancements that have proved beneficial for the citizens we are sworn to protect. One of those recent advancements is a technique or a skill set to help us get water…

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