Firefighter Training, Leadership

Developing Officers as Instructors: Is “Good” Good Enough?

Issue 7 and Volume 171.

BY DAVID APGAR You are A new company officer. You have the credentials: You have received several commendations as a firefighter and have received a well-deserved promotion. But what are your credentials for training your firefighters in one of the most dangerous occupations on the planet? : We are constantly adjusting our firefighting strategies and tactics to reflect modern challenges. The modern firefighter is not the firefighter of your day; significant generational differences exist in what the modern firefighter expects in the classroom. When did you last update your instructional methods and techniques? Hopefully, you will go to an instructor class to develop your instructor skills, which is usually an afterthought in most organizations. Although not formally trained as instructors, fire officers become responsible for training once they are promoted. They are expected to conduct regular training to increase their firefighters’ competency. What skills do you, the company officer, possess…

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