Firefighting, Leadership

The Need for Company Officer Development

Issue 7 and Volume 171.

By BART LACE As the sheriff’s deputies were running toward the residence with AR-15s in hand, the Stafford County (VA) Fire & Rescue (SCFR) unit officer asked, “Dispatch, is there something I should know?” The unit officer had just been promoted and was working overtime during his first week as a company officer. It was his first experience running command and his second day riding the right front seat. “Command, it appears the resident set the fire and is in the detached garage with a rifle.” An Unprepared Officer Only a few hours into the shift, our “green” officer was dispatched to a residential fire, riding out on the second-due engine. The initial report from dispatch was for a single-family dwelling fire with persons trapped. The first engine arrived on scene, reported fire showing from side Alpha, and mounted an aggressive interior attack. The chief had an extended estimated time…

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