FDIC International, Health & Safety, Leadership

Training and Brotherhood Go Hand in Hand

Issue 7 and Volume 171.

FDIC International 2018 was spectacular and was my 19th FDIC. It is the best fire service-related week of the year for me, reconnecting with all my brother and sister firefighters and training with the best in the world. For the past 19 years, I have paid for most of my expenses out of my own pocket. I am not complaining; it is money well spent. However, this year was different. I am a volunteer firefighter and recently retired from my regular job. As a retirement gift, my two days of H.O.T. training were paid for by Fire Department of New York Battalion Chief Steve Marsar and Captain Peter Kearney. Many of you might know Steve. He is an editorial advisor and contributing author for FireRescue, an FDIC International instructor, and an instructor at the Nassau County (NY) Fire Academy. I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve for eight years,…

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