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Modern Vehicle Extrication Hazards

Chris Mills

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available.  “Our Modern Vehicle Extrication Hazards program is an invaluable new material for firefighters,” says FSF President David Kenik, “The vehicles firefighters are cutting on the training ground are simply not preparing them for the hazards both they and victims face in newer vehicles”

The second most common call for fire departments is car wrecks.  Yet the tools used by firefighters can’t cut modern high strength steel, and the up to 20 air bags found in modern cars present a very serious danger to the firefighters cutting those cars as well as to the trapped occupants. The Modern Vehicle Extrication Hazards program covers, in crisp, fast-moving style the evolution of danger areas, the placement of them in modern cars, and how to mitigate the danger they pose, while still allowing you to cut open a modern car quickly and efficiently.

The program consists of a 30-minute video presentation and an accompanying 60-slide PowerPoint presentation, with many video clips demonstrating the hazards.

The presenter is Chris Mills, a career firefighter and well-known extrication instructor. Mill’s deep knowledge of the subject comes through, and his fast-moving, non-repetitive style makes the material both entertaining and highly instructive.

The program is free to all members of public safety and  emergency management agencies.  Simply watch in the player below or download a copy of the Powerpoint and video as either an MPG or M4V file HERE.

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