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Using Small-Scale Scenarios to Teach Big-Scale ICS

Issue 8 and Volume 171.

By NICHOLAS DeLIA For many years, nationally known incident command system (ICS) instructor Don Abbott and his wife Bev have traveled around the United States teaching ICS using a diorama (a model representing a scene with 3-D figures) Don called “Abbottville.” I watched Don and his team set it up one evening in a hotel ballroom, which took hours and filled a large portion of the space. The display depicted multiple community hazards such as bulk liquid fuel storage; marine terminals; bulk propane storage; and standard municipal occupancies such as schools, hospitals, churches, and hotels. The diorama also spouted smoke and fire on command. Building Your Diorama In 2015, I became the curator and principal instructor for a smaller-sized diorama of a typical New England town called “The Village.” I have used this HO scale community to teach all aspects of risk assessment, risk reduction, and incident command/management. It measures…

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