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Crew-Based Command for the Volunteer Fire Service

Issue 8 and Volume 171.

By ROBERT F. PERVERE Personally owned vehicle (POV) response is a reality in the volunteer fire service. As it is with many volunteer fire departments, in Moyock, North Carolina, it is not unusual for there to be one or two fire apparatus on scene with 15 personnel. How do we manage those resources? More importantly, how do we use the regionally standard passport system to effectively arrange 15 personnel into teams and assign them tasks while still maintaining accountability? Apparatus-Based Command In most career systems, the common practice is for an engine and its crew to work together throughout the course of an incident. Setting aside minor differences of tag order or color between departments, a passport system with four names attached is typically handed to the incident commander (IC) or accountability officer. When the time comes to perform, the chauffeur remains with the apparatus while the officer and personnel…

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