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The Eclipse Blackout Mask

Issue 8 and Volume 171.

By MARK TIGHE When it comes to fireground training, creating a smoked-out environment can be a challenge. In some cases, the fire service uses industrial-grade smoke machines for this simulation, but they are costly to purchase and maintain. In even fewer cases, live burns are used, but they expose firefighters to the inherent health risks of an immediately dangerous to life or health environment. However, the most common method of creating a smoked-out environment is also the most rudimentary: shoving wax paper, plastic wrap, or a milk jug cutout in your face piece. We’ve all done that. Is there an easier and more cost-effective alternative? Yes. (1-2) Photos courtesy of Eclipse Fire Ground Solutions. The developers at Eclipse Fire Ground Solutions (FGS) have created a simple solution to a common problem with the Eclipse Blackout Mask. This easy-to-apply mask is fogged out in three levels, creating realistic heavy smoke conditions…

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