Extrication Zone

The Officer’s Guide to Preparing for and Commanding Large Vehicle Fires

Issue 9 and Volume 171.

By Robert Callahan Engine 6-1, Engine 6-2, Truck 6-2, Tender 6-5, Tender 6-8, Squad 6-1, EMS 823, and Duty Chief-6: Respond to Interstate 99, mile marker 67, Eastbound, for a report of an RV on fire. Advised RV may be towing a trailer or a car—reports are varying—that may be involved as well. We are getting multiple reports on this fire. We are also toning out Station 8 for Tender 8-7 and Squad 8-3 per SOP. The location and companies in this message are fictional. However, the occurrence of a large vehicle fire is an everyday possibility for my career and volunteer departments. Every day, together we cover more than 24 miles of Interstate 20 and multiple truck stops. As a captain, lieutenant, training officer, and chief officer serving with several combination and volunteer departments in Bossier and Webster parishes in northwest Louisiana, I expect that I will be functioning…

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