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Civilian Victim Removal

Issue 9 and Volume 171.

By Grant Schwalbe Search and rescue go hand in hand. Often, when we train on search, we neglect the rescue element—like throwing ladders but never climbing one to get in a window. My initial fire service training involved learning search without any hands-on instruction in victim removal. I had to rely on the pictures in the textbook. In one photo, three firefighters were standing up and holding a victim and in two others, two firefighters were carrying a victim in a chair. Victims are most often found in primarily one of two places: in a path of egress or in a bedroom. Logically, if the victim were five to 10 feet inside the front door, we would simply drag him out quickly. But if the victim is found in a bedroom behind a closed door, we must be careful not to cause more harm. RELATED Truck Company Ops: Victim Removal…

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