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Agricultural Rescue: Are You Prepared?

Issue 9 and Volume 171.

By Scott Larson Agricultural rescues and extrications are high-risk/low-frequency events. Many fire departments do not spend time training for these responses. With an official workplace fatality rate of more than 21 per 100,000, farming is the most dangerous occupation in America. Departments need to train for these specialized emergencies. This article covers two of the many possible agricultural emergencies to which a department may be called. Tractor Rollover You must consider special factors when responding to a farm setting and must be familiar with the machinery involved. Tractors are constructed of materials that are stronger than those you are accustomed to finding in a vehicle extrication. Shutting off an unfamiliar piece of machinery can also be a challenge. In a tractor rollover, the difficulty in shutting off the engine can be compounded if a victim is trapped against or near the controls. (1) Scene safety and proper stabilization are musts.…

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