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Implementing and Maintaining an Effective Technical Rescue Team

Issue 9 and Volume 171.

By ERIC GROOTENDORST “Doing more with less” seems to be the motto of the fire service these days. As professional firefighters, we have never been asked to respond to more types of calls, perform more inspections, complete more administrative duties—and the list goes on. As we leave the world of responding primarily to fire calls and enter the realm of an all-hazards responder, we find our time more and more precious. So, how can we then add technical rescue on top of the medical, fire, hazmat, auto extrication, and emergency vehicle operation disciplines that we are already expected to perform, and do it safely and effectively? This is not an easy task, especially when it comes to a complicated and dangerous discipline like technical rescue. Following are some suggestions to make your technical rescue team more safe and effective. The Level of Response For a small department, training to an…

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