Fire Service Traditions and History, Health & Safety

My Response to Post-Traumatic Stress

Issue 9 and Volume 171.

By Richard Stack Firefighting culture is steeped with tradition of more than 100 years and counting. We enter this field to make a difference in people’s lives. We train extensively on firefighting tactics, medical procedures to save lives, and how to become officers and leaders. Seasoned firefighters and officers have a duty to pass down their invaluable knowledge to the junior members. While at the firehouse, we are a close-knit family, although we may occasionally “bicker.” Each firefighter has an obligation not only to keep the public safe but also to keep each other safe. We wash the trucks, cook, eat, and hang out with our brother and sister firefighters, knowing we “have each others’ backs” during any type of emergency. We go out together when off duty, spend time with each other’s children during special events, and even put in some “manual labor” for our fellow members struggling to…

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