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The Use of Shipping Containers in Live Fire Training

Issue 10 and Volume 171.

BY DAVE CASEY The use of shipping containers for live fire training at fixed sites or as mobile units has become very popular in North America over the past decade. Much of the training has value to participating personnel, but there are some concerns about direct or indirect dangers to the firefighters being trained and to the trainers. Concerns include structural and construction issues; immediate and longer-term safety and health concerns; fire behavior differences; and compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards 1402, Guide to Building Fire Service Training Centers, and 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions (interior attack mobile fire props are now included in NFPA 1403). You can take steps to mitigate those concerns and to improve the value and safety of the experience. Structural and Construction Issues Shipping containers, also known as intermodal containers, conex boxes (Container Express), or more officially International Standards Organization (ISO)…

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