Engine Company, Firefighting

The Self-Sufficient Engine Company

Issue 10 and Volume 171.

BY JONATHAN HALL Stretching hoselines should be a bread-and-butter task for every fire department. Proper deployment of the initial attack line is often the pivotal operation that makes or breaks the firefight. Every engine company should strive to correctly position its line and take the necessary steps to ensure success. Although multiple companies often are operating on the fireground, it is critical that engine companies make every effort to be as self-sufficient as possible. Autonomy allows each engine company to easily and rapidly advance its attack lines. Evolving into a self-sufficient engine necessitates considering the apparatus specs; the hoselines and the nozzles; and department staffing and standard operating procedures (SOPs), which play a critical role in engine company operations. However, training and deployment on the fireground are key to becoming a reputable engine company. (1) Photos by author. Hoselines, Hoseloads, and Hosebeds Self-sufficiency begins with a systematic look at hose…

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