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Ductwork Fire Dangers

Issue 10 and Volume 171.

BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Over the course of the years on this job, you’ll run into many odd jobs, to say the least. Between the type of fire, building construction, alterations, and modifications, you might be behind the eight ball prior to even arriving. Pulling up to any establishment with a commercial kitchen and vent hood with ductwork that’s caked in grease is surely one of those situations. Knowing your rig’s entire inventory, from power tools to various types of fire extinguishers, is of utmost importance when you’re operating at such jobs. Keep in mind that most of us have to follow specific building codes and regulations, but the federal government doesn’t always have to be 100-percent compliant, so be on your toes when responding to one of these occupancies, and don’t expect the building to follow all the rules that typical construction and occupancies have to follow. Responding to a…

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