Apparatus & Equipment, Health & Safety

The ‘Clean Cab Concept’ Becomes a Reality

Issue 12 and Volume 171.

  BY CHRISTOPHER BATOR AND SAMUEL A. EATON As you walk toward the open bays of your firehouse, something grabs your attention. It’s pronounced, it’s obvious. Jealousy immediately follows as you realize you missed another one. You know yesterday’s shift had a fire just by that smell coming out of the bay and emanating off the fire apparatus. You go to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee and you can’t wait to hear “their version” of the fire they were on. All the while, you’ve missed something very important. Today’s modern fuels—and, yes, those in a typical house fire—are anything but “typical.” They are inescapably and scientifically proven to be loaded with known carcinogens. We cannot completely avoid exposure to toxic fire gases and particulates while on the fireground. It’s a danger of the job that is impossible to eliminate. However, we must begin reducing our exposure on…

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