Leadership, Legal

Fraud in the Volunteer Fire Service

Issue 12 and Volume 171.

BY TAMMY GORMAN You have finally found someone to take on the position of treasurer within your volunteer fire department, and is this person ever dedicated! He is always working in the position, always at the computer, or at the bank. Your treasurer knows the importance of the job and insists that he take care of everything on your behalf. Will this new treasurer take a vacation? No! He wants to make sure everything runs smoothly. This sounds like an ideal situation—but is it? Although this person has all the traits of a committed volunteer, this situation could also be a “red flag” that embezzling is occurring. It is difficult for firefighters to imagine how one of our own could perpetrate such a crime against fellow members. To dissect fraud within the volunteer fire service, it is beneficial if we size up the situation. First, consider the definition of fraud…

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