Manhattan High-Rise Scaffolding Fire

(FDNY Response Videos)

FDNY Response Videos – Location: 815 5th Avenue Btw 62 & 63rd Street Fire on 4 floors of scaffolding in the rear of a high rise [00:36] MD: Telephone Alarm Box 955, 815 5th Ave btw East 62 and East 63 Street, Smoke on the 2nd Floor [00:39] MD to 136: The super of 810 5th Avenue reporting 4 stories of scaffolding on fire at that address 

[00:41] L-136: 10-75 our Box

[00:41]: B-8: Battalion 8 to Manhattan Urgent, 10-75 the Box, Fire on the 3rd Floor of a building under construction

[00:43] B-8: Transmit a 2nd Alarm for 955, Heavy fire in the rear, multiple stories 

Rundown** E-73,16,8,54 E-84 Act. 74 CFRD E-23 HRN L-136 act. 16, 128, 25F L-7,24 B-8,9 D-3 R-1 RAC 1 SQ 18 RB,SB FC,FCB TSU 1 

2nd Alarm:** E-39,54,40,23,21 E-324 w/ Sat 4 E-263 Comm L-16,35,3 L-115 VSU B-6 RUL B-7 Safety Car-23D 

Relocators: SQ-288 act. R-1