Drills, Structural Firefighting

High-Rise Hose Stretch Training Kit

Issue 1 and Volume 172.

By Carl Meyer Many factors may affect the hose stretch at a high-rise fire. They include location of the fire apartment in relation to the attack stairway, hose cabinets on the floor below vs. standpipe connections that are in the stairway, location of stairway-installed standpipe connections whether they are on a half-stair below or the full floor below, and two-story apartments that may have access stairs. Preplans give us invaluable intelligence regarding the strategy and tactics to use in a fire. The high-rise hose stretch training kit is useful in gathering this intelligence. The Training Site Have you tried to get permission to enter a beautiful high-rise and stretch dirty hose up a stairway and down the hall for training purposes? You’re probably not going to get it. It’s probably not the best idea anyway. The potential mess that could occur would certainly not do much for public relations, and…

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