Fireground Management, Officer Development

Technology, Robots, and Can Openers

Issue 1 and Volume 172.

By BOBBY HALTON   There is a great deal of energy being put into trying to find, expand, and increase our use of technology on our fireground and in other emergency operations. The efforts are being done, albeit with the best of intentions; primarily, the goal is to improve firefighter safety and survivability when we go downrange. One big concern for some of us is that the technology will get out ahead of our profession or our society. For others, technology is the answer we have been waiting for and we just are not adopting technology fast enough. The opportunities are boundless as we continue to create new devices and tools and improve on existing ones. The society around us, our communities also ever increase the use of technologies as they become available or improve. We must be aware of how to respond when these technologies have issues—sometimes anticipated but…

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