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More “Always” and “Never” Rules

Issue 1 and Volume 172.

by MICHAEL N. CIAMPO   Rule: When forcing entry, always place the concave side of the halligan’s forks up against the door. Tactical Tip: Although this might be a proven method to force doors, firefighters can also place the tool in the opposite direction. With wood and metal door frames, you may lessen the chances of burying the forks or piercing through the frame with the forks as the tool is being struck. If the firefighter who’s holding the tool isn’t paying attention or lets the forks bite into the frame’s skin too deeply, the forks can penetrate through and either get wedged into the door’s wood jack studs or pierce through the metal frame and wedge into the block behind the frame. When you place the halligan in the opposite direction, there’s less of a chance of the forks penetrating through the frame as it is being struck.  Although you…

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